My piece for Artist Among Us Las Vegas Gallery SG 2020. The theme for this gallery is Wonder Woman. During my research, I collected some references from the new trailer of WW84 as well as photos from the TV show. Here's a breakdown of the process for this piece:
First Sketches and Explorations
In this stage, I just wanted to explore some poses as well as understanding her suit better. Patty Jenkins 2017 Wonder Woman character visual development was definitely my inspiration from the beginning. Gal Gadot portrayal of WW has a special place in my heart.  Next, I created a Character Mind Map were I broke down specific character details that I considered important.
 The stars, background as well as the logo were the first elements I played with. Next, I added my first pose sketch and played with wings elements. I wanted to achieve the perspective and add some 80's elements to it. In this case the color gradient as well as having the lasso of truth with neon glow. 
Color Block
Once I've locked the layout, I then start to add colors. WW colors are blue and red, since I wanted to portray the armor, I added one more color: gold. The first color pass had a mix of blue and red tones. But the logo in the back was too distracting and competing with the Truth text. I decided to have a complete gradient from top to bottom so it wouldn't feel "blocky" but more natural. 
We were lucky enough to attend this showcase in person back in February 2020.
Grateful for the opportunity.

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